Unmagical Girl Vol. 1

I was at my local comic shop recently and saw a graphic novel called Unmagical Girl vol. 1 written by Ryouichi Yokohama and illustrated by Manmaru Uetsuki.


This is no world for a magical girl!

Pretty Angel NirBrave was once the spirited magical girl heroine of a cult TV show. But when an anime director’s computer goes on the fritz, it brings Pretty Angel NirBrave out of the screen and into our world! With bills and bullies to face, it’ll take more than a sparkly transformation and a frilly skirt to get by in “real” life.

That’s what the description on the back had written and it immediately sounded great to me so I grabbed it and bought it.

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Tanahashi Mayuri is the daughter of an anime director, Tanahashi Suguru, who passed away two years ago. Tanahashi Suguru’s most famous work was an anime called Pretty Angel Nirvana. Mayuri really enjoyed this particular work of her fathers and of course, people stayed clear of her and her otaku-ness.

Even now, in Mayuri’s first year of college, she doesn’t have many friends so she spends most of her time alone.

On one of her free days, Mayuri decides to relax and binge some anime when suddenly she hears her doorbell and someone shouting, “Delivery!”

Upon opening the package, Mayuri finds an ‘ancient’ computer, as she describes it. It had belonged to her father. Once it had been turned on, Mayuri noticed that it was full of her fathers work from Pretty Angel Nirvana. The computer even contained a bunch of cuts from the anime that she had never seen before.

Realizing her loneliness, Mayuri let a tear drop fall on the computer. After receiving an unpleasant electrical shock, she looked up to see that NirBrave, the main character from Pretty Angel Nirvana, was standing in her home.

Now Mayuri must teach NirBrave how to survive in the “real” world and be reminded of how plain she really is by seeing NirBrave’s ‘normal’ form… which oddly enough looks just like Mayuri.

In Unmagical Girl, you get to follow Mayuri as she teaches NirBrave all about the real world including things like, making friends, paying bills and saving money, getting a job, not frivolously using her magical powers and much more!

I have only read volume one so far, but I enjoyed it so much that I’ve ordered volume two as well. Unmagical Girl packed full of humor and semi-relate-able scenarios for an otaku.

As for the artwork, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t an attempt to be different and stand out from typical anime and manga. It did have it’s own uniqueness to it though.

The story reminds me quite a bit of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. They are both stories about a fairly anti-social adult who has to take care of a being not from their own world and teach them how to survive.

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Thank you for reading!


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