The Deleted E-mails of Hillary Clinton (A Parody)

**This will be a political post. I am not confirming my support for any candidate. This is not a debate post. I will be simply reviewing the book**


Title: The Deleted E-Mails of Hillary Clinton

Author: John Moe
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The explosive secret e-mails Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to read
(Or maybe she does…She’s crafty like that.)
Remember that time Hillary Clinton admitted that she deleted thousands of e-mails from her ultra-secret personal e-mail address while Secretary of State? Thousands of e-mails, she claimed, about her daughter’s wedding? Well, people aren’t buying it: “Hiding the truth” says The New York Post. “Conspiracy or incompetence?” asks Al-Jazeera. “Hillary Clinton Don’t Give a Sh*t” claims Wonkette. Clearly, these e-mails need to be released immediately.

Now, thanks to John Moe and WikiLoox, the lost messages have been retrieved and placed in this dossier. For the first time, we’ll get a look inside HRC’s well-coiffed head, reading intimate conversations with family (Bill, Chelsea), friends (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah, Beyonce), and frenemies (Obama, Palin, Putin) alike. We’ll also learn essential details about her private life, from her pop-culture obsessions to her thoughts on yoga, baking cookies, “Scandal,” and much more.

Make no mistake—this is a book of critical national importance. Following her journey from mother-of-the-bride to commandress-in-chief, we’ll see how HRC handles the most challenging situations she might face in the White House, including how to respond to people who “reply all” to e-mails and how to wrangle pantsuit retailers as they compete, with increasing desperation, for her attention. Along the way, we will finally get the portrait we need—the one our country deserves—of the woman we may soon call “Madam President.”

About Section from Penguin Random House

I have been following the 2016 Presidential primaries and elections very closely and I’ve taken to finding humor in every candidate’s flaws, slip-ups and scandals.

There was Ben Carson who always looked like he was on the verge of falling asleep, Jeb! and his super excited campaign slogan (please clap), Ted Cruz who people are convinced is the Zodiac Killer, Carly Fiorina, who crashed HP in 5 years and Ted Cruz’s campaign in a matter of days, Lincoln Chafee is just…weird, Bernie Sanders who wants a political revolution and Hillary Clinton who has been in scandal after scandal since she’s been in the political eye. (There are plenty more to speak of but for time’s sake I’ll leave them out)

Secretary Clinton’s most recent scandal is her e-mail scandal in which she kept a private server in her home while acting as secretary of state. There is a lot of controversy as to if it was actually legal, if she had classified e-mails on that server and if it had ever been hacked. You can read more about it here.

Despite the scandals, Hillary has a personality that really stands out. The way she speaks, her choice of words and her attitude.

In this book, John Moe takes Hillary Clinton’s personality and her e-mail scandal and mashes the two together to make for a hilarious read.

The author cracks jokes at many different things such as Hillary’s possible plans to run for office in 2016, knack for brushing things off, pant suits, her seemingly semi-obvious hunger for power, Joe Biden, and of course Bill.

The Deleted E-Mails of Hillary Clinton had me laughing from page one. As soon as I opened it and read this I was hooked,

January 20, 2009

TO: Barack Obama
Subject: It being fine


Tomorrow we begin a new journey together. You, as President of the United States, and me, as Secretary of State, which is a different job entirely. I just want you to know that I am honored to serve under you and have you as my boss.

It’s fine.

Certainly, we fought hard against each other through a protracted primary process, one that became rather bitter and testy at times, but that is all in the past. now I’m ready to serve in this other job while you serve as President and live in the White House.

I will live somewhere else. And that is fine with me. I can live a lot of other places. That’s no big deal.

It’s fine.

I am eager to get started in my new role and excited to do my part to help establish peace and harmony between the United States and other nations, just has I’ve been eager to establish peace and harmony between you, the President, and me, just the Secretary of State.

I’m totally okay.


P.S. I may use this e-mail account from time to time. That’s fine, right?

In this book you will follow Hillary’s (parody) e-mail exchanges with President Obama, two different pant suit companies, the fun four (Hillary herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah, and Beyonce), her aide, and many others.

Weather you are a Hillary supporter or not this book is incredibly hilarious and I recommend anyone who enjoys politics should give it a read. It’s short and extremely easy to follow. There’s no bashing or insulting of political candidates within this book which makes it that much more fun to read.


John Moe is a McSweeney’s contributor and host of American Public Media’s nationally syndicated public radio show Wits. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

WikiLoox is a group of ingenious cyber freedom fighters who comb the remote recesses of the deep web to gain access to secret, secret, ultra-secret governmental documents. You can find them at

Taken from Penguin Random House

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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