Waifu Wednesday – Lana

Hi, hi! Welcome to another Waifu Wednesday! Today’s waifu is Lana from Hyrule Warriors!

I think she was an adorable and fantastic addition to this game. I’d love to see her in future games as well (or just give her her own game please!)

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I need more Lana pls. She’s so adorable!

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Most Annoying Video Game Character

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 6 of the video game challenge posts! Today’s challenge is ‘most annoying character’.

There are a lot of great video game characters out there whether they are main characters or side characters, but let’s face it, there are some really obnoxious ones too.

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One of the most annoying characters that I’ve come across though is Tia from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.

This game was developed by Neverland and published by Taito (JP), Natsume (NA) and Nintendo (PAL).

Now, this game originally came out for the SNES and is actually a prequel to the first game Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, but in 2010, the staff of the original Lufia announced Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals for Nintendo DS. This game is a re-creation of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals with the story and characters changed a bit.


It’s been so long since I’ve played it on the SNES so I can’t remember if Tia was nearly as annoying as she is in the DS game.

In the game for the DS she is extremely whiny and follows the main character, Maxim, around like a little lost puppy dog. She’s virtually useless in battle as she uses a suitcase with something that comes out and punches the enemy from what I can tell but she insists that she is useful and can help in battle. She is overly emotional and every time she get’s upset, she runs off and gets into trouble and you have to go save her.

She and Maxim are childhood friends but Tia is infatuated with Maxim and makes a point to let everyone know.

I won’t give away any spoilers for the game so I’ll leave it at that, but yes, Tia in the Nintendo DS game Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals is the character in the video game world that annoys me the most.

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Nintendo Switch!

So, last night we got a release date for the Nintendo Switch (March 3rd 2017), a price ($299.99USD not bundled with games), explanations on how the system works and GAMES!

Out of everything I saw last night I can’t think of anything that I saw that warranted a meh reaction from me. It all looked so fantastic!

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Let me start off with the small stuff. While, I enjoy a good rpg, I also enjoy simplistic games. I won’t lie, I loved Wii Sports. So when I saw the demonstration for 1-2 Switch I thought it looked pretty awesome. Party games are always fun, even if they are super cheesy!

And come on, Arms looks insanely fun as well! I honestly think it’d be a good thing to play to vent out frustrations from a stressful school or work week! ^_^ It’s probably not something I’ll play all of the time but I do think it will be a good game to get to learn how the controls for the Joy-Con.

This one. When I saw this one I thought it looked so amazing. I was surprised by the environment they used and the mechanics of the game seemed a bit nostalgic. Super Mario Odyssey!

Okay, this one I’m slightly disappointed in but only because of the title choice. Splatoon 2! I’m excited for the game, don’t get me wrong but come on, Spla2oon or Spla2n would have been more fun. I was also hoping for playable Octolings 🙁 but maybe it will be there and just wasn’t shown! Who knows!

Also, what’s with only Marie being seen? :O Where’d Callie go!?

There was, of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game looks phenomenal! The art work is what caught me the most though. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and that story looks damn feelsy too! I’m glad that one is coming out at launch to keep me busy until other games come out!

Okay, for this one, I’m going to be completely honest. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I was going to post that it’s cool, but I’m not a huge Mario Kart fan because I’m not good at it, but I hadn’t seen the video until just now and guys….IT HAS SQUID KIDS! My hype for this game just went off the charts!

I think my next biggest hypes though are, I Am Setsuna for the switch, the new Shin Megami Tensei project, and Fire Emblem Warriors.

Some other games announced include:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (I need to play the first D:)

Sonic Mania

Super Bomberman R

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Skyrim was also announced for the switch which will be a fun experience I think! Which games are you most excited for? Which switch will you get? The base colored or the one with the neon Joy-Con’s?

Character I Would Most Like To Be

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 5 of the Video Game challenge posts!
Today’s challenge is ‘What character are you most like (or wish you were)?

Honestly, I cannot think of a single video game character that I am most like (I can name plenty of anime characters though!), so I decided to opt for which character I would most like to be like.

This is going to sound super silly, but in all honesty, I think the character I would most want to be like is Popuri from Harvest Moon 64.


Harvest Moon 64 is a farming simulation game developed by Victor Interactive Software and published by Natsume.

This is another game I grew up on and could play over and over again. I love the simplicity of it yet the challenges it brings forth.

In Harvest Moon 64 you play a male protagonist who moves to a small village to take over his late grandfather’s farm. You build relationships with the people and make friends, build and run your farm by raising crops and animals, and expand your home. You can win over one of the 5 girls, Ellie, Maria, Ann, Karen or Popuri, marry her and have a child.


I have two favorite girls in this game: Karen and Popuri. However, as much as I like Karen, if I had to pick a character that I wanted to be more, it would be Popuri.

She is much more soft spoken, loving, has a great relationship with her parents, is a bit less tsundere, and reminds me a lot of my favorite character, Bernadette, from The Big Bang Theory.


There are many other things I love about Popuri that would make me want to be more like her as well such as, her pink hair, her elegance, her dress, and her love of nature. And most importantly, her pouty face!


What I would enjoy the most is just the simple, quiet life, not being distracted by so many other things and being able to enjoy a peaceful environment.

It’s an older game but it’s worth the play if you enjoy a simple farming simulation game. I actually find it quite relaxing.


Which character are you most like? Or would most want to be like? And if you’ve played Harvest Moon 64 before, who is your ideal girl? Let me know in the comments right here or on my facebook page which you can find by clicking the icon below!


Favorite Video Game Character

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 2 of my video game challenge! I know that sounds kinda funny to call it, it makes it sound more like I’m playing a different game every day, but it’s actually a different gaming related question every day.

Today’s topic is ‘favorite character’. Now this one is tough because I can find reasons to like many, many characters. This would probably have been a bit easier for me if it had narrowed it down to a console or genre >.< But it did not so…

I’ve played a wide variety of games and I’ve seen so many different and similar characters. This makes it really hard to narrow it down because in so many games you get to see a character grow and learn so much. Seriously, I intended to have this posted by about noon and it’s 9:54 PM because I spent all day trying to decide which character to write about >.<

I also don’t do so great at picking absolute favorites. Every time I post a top 10 list, I always add ‘in no particular order’. So what I will do for this post is just share one character that is among my list of many favorites.


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Very First Video Game

Hi, hi! I found a 30 day video game challenge that I thought would be super fun to do! ^_^
First up is ‘Very First Video Game’ so here we go!

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My very first game came out in North America for the SNES in 1991 (1990 in Japan), however, I did not play it until a few years later, as I was born in 1991. The very first video game that I ever played was a fantastic game that I still play to this day titled: ‘Super Mario World‘.


If I remember correctly, my parents had bought an SNES and Super Mario World when I was around 3 years old. I don’t exactly remember playing it then, but I do remember playing it several times throughout my childhood and I’ve even played it recently.

I will be honest here and say that I enjoy this game very much but it is not my favorite game in the Mario franchise. My favorite game is Super Mario Bros. 3.

Super Mario World was the first game to introduce Yoshi.

Yoshi is an adorable dinosaur companion that Mario (or Luigi) can ride and use to stomp on enemies. Yoshi can also grab shells with his tongue and the player can then decide to use Yoshi to spit the shell out at an enemy. Different colored shells will do different things. There are shells that will just knock into the enemy, shells that will allow Yoshi to fly, shells that will allow Yoshi to produce 3 fireballs and many others.


In Super Mario World, the game starts off by informing you that you are in Dinosaur Land and Princess Toadstool is missing and that the suspect is Bowser. You also find a dinosaur named Yoshi and he informs you that he was on his way to rescue his friends that Bowser had taken and that Bowser had trapped him in an egg.


You follow the journey of Mario and Yoshi to free Yoshi’s dinosaur friends and to save Princess Toadstool.

There are many different sections in this game as well as hidden and secret levels that can be unlocked. You can venture through Yoshi’s Island, Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, Valley of Bowser, Twin Bridges (which includes levels like Butter Bridge, Cheese Bridge, Cookie Mountain, and Soda lake), Star World, and Special World. (Sounds yummy! :3 )


Super Mario World was sold alone and then re-released in a special version of Super Mario All Stars titled Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. It has also been released for the Wii’s Virtual Console  in Japan in 2006 and the US and Europe in 2007, as well as a short timed demo as an unlock-able “Masterpiece” in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was released for the Wii U in 2013.

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Chrono Trigger

What do you get when you join together an average boy, a princess who doesn’t want to be a princess, a girl following in her father’s footsteps as an inventor, a frog, a robot, a girl from 65,000,000 BC and time travel?  You get an amazing RPG from the SNES era known as Chrono Trigger.

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Chrono Trigger characters”. Via Wikipedia – Artwork by: Akira Toriyama Characters from Chrono Trigger published by Square (now Square Enix)

Now before you steer away after seeing that this is a game for an older console, hear me out. The newer versions do have animated cut scenes in some areas and the game is still pixelated and in sprite form but the storyline is brilliant. Okay, I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like JRPGs and time travel, it’s worth a go.

Chrono Trigger was developed by Square (which has since become Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and released in 1995. It was later ported to the PlayStation in 1999 in Japan and packaged with Final Fantasy IV for the PlayStation in a compilation called, Final Fantasy Chronicles in 2001 in North America. It was again ported to the Nintendo DS in 2008 for North America and Japan and in 2009 for Europe and Australia. It has since been ported again to mobile devices, Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s virtual console as well.

Chrono Trigger starts with our protagonist, Crono, in the year 1000 AD during the millennial festival of his kingdom in Truce. There he goes to see his friend Lucca at the festival where she and her father will be unveiling their latest experiment, a transporter of sorts. He runs into a girl named Marle (Crono at this time doesn’t know she’s really the princess) who asks if he will spend time with her at the festival.

After agreeing to let her join you (no, you don’t have a choice) you can then venture around the fair some more as Crono and Marle. You can check out one of Lucca’s experiments, a battling robot named Gato. He will recite you a cute song about beating him up to earn 15 silver points (which can be redeemed later for the games currency). Other things you can do include, betting on a race of characters that runs in a square when you enter Leene Square, strength test (ring the bell), dancing to prehistoric music, a button mashing soda guzzling contest, and if you have enough silver points you can venture into Norstein Bekkler’s Tent of Horrors, which you will need to visit later anyway.

Eventually, you will hear that Lucca’s experiment is ready to be viewed and you can then head to the top of Leene Square with Marle. Crono is volunteered to try out the new invention and is teleported from the pod on the left side of the screen to the one on the right. Impressed by this, Marle decides she wants to try but something goes awry with the teleportation devices and the pendant she is wearing and a portal is opened sending Marle to another time period.

Crono journeys after Marle while Lucca tries to figure out what went wrong and this is the start of Crono and his friends’ adventures through time.

Throughout the game, your party will change certain parts of the fictional history set in place by venturing all the way back to 65,000,000 BC and all the way up to The End of Time after accidentally traveling to the year 2300 AD and witnessing, on a computer, the destruction of the world by Lavos and realizing that they can then prevent this from ever happening.

Throughout the game you will battle dinosaur like creatures from the prehistoric era, you will battle robot and robot like enemies, and magical beasts.

Each character will have a special type of weapon they will use, as in most RPGs, but most of them will also acquire magical skills later on in the game.

Chrono Trigger uses offers both an active and wait mode to choose from in the beginning of the game. The difference, from what I have seen is that in wait mode, while you are choosing which special skills, or ‘techs’ as they are called in this game, enemies won’t attack you, whereas in active mode, they are capable of attacking you.

As for running into enemies, this game is a little different than a lot of RPGs. You do not run into enemies on the world map while you are traveling. You only run into them within the dungeon, forest, or wherever you have specifically chosen to travel. Also, enemies are almost always completely visible, allowing them to be avoided at times. However, every once in awhile, the monsters will jump out from a bush or fall from a tree.

CronoToriyamadesign“CronoToriyamadesign” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia – designed by Akira Toriyama

Moving on to character weapons and techs. The protagonist, Crono, uses a katana and will later wield the magical power of lightning. Marle battles with a crossbow and learns to use ice as well as healing magic. Lucca uses a gun and hammer and will learn to cast fire magic. Frog will use a broadsword and learns water (perfect for a frog, huh?) and, like Marle, healing magic. Robo, because of his technological composition cannot actually acquire magic but his laser attacks mimic shadow magic and he is able to mimic fire, lightning and healing magic as well. Ayla uses strength alone as she does not wield a weapon of any sort and she cannot use magic either because she was born well before humans were able to use magic. There is one more optional character that you can recruit to your party, but  for the sake of not spoiling anything I will leave that character out.

You might notice that the character styles resemble familiar characters from popular shows such as  Dragon Ball or also that they resemble characters from a game called Dragon Quest and that is because they have a few of the same team members, Yuji Horii and Akira Toriyama. Other familiar aspects from games like Final Fantasy may be noticed as well and this is because of a few different reasons. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy both were developed and published by Square as well as having some of the same team members including: Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy and Nobou Uematsu‘s (who has composed music for many Final Fantasy games) compositions can be heard in some of the game’s tracks.

Chrono Trigger has a beautiful soundtrack. Each character has their own unique theme. The entire soundtrack is immensely powerful weather you are listening to the main theme, the battle music or the world map’s music. It does an excellent job of getting you pumped up for whatever may be coming your way and making you feel the emotion that is conveyed inside of the game.

Example: Crono’s Theme


I have an extremely hard time picking lists for anything, top 5 or 10 anime or books, things like that, but this game is not only nostalgic for me, it never gets old and this game is my #1 game while all of my other favorites are tied. So if you like powerful RPGs that have some feels involved and you want a game where you can feel like you can change the world, I highly recommend this game. You can go original nostalgic and try play it on the SNES (which, by the way, is extremely expensive), you could go for wanting the nice animated cut scenes and a cheaper version by buying it on the PS1, you can go mobile by finding it on the iOS store or GooglePlay (that’s up to you, but I personally do not like playing good RPGs on mobile, or you can check out the DS version which has the animated cut scenes as well as a bit of extra side story line and extra dungeons.