Anime That Never Gets Old

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 14 of the Anime Challenge! Today’s Topic is: Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you re-watch it!

Honestly, a lot of anime that I enjoy I don’t like to re-watch often due to those feels. When I watch something I don’t mind if it makes me cry, but often times I want to relax.

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One anime that I can watch over and over (and notice something new each time) is Lucky Star! I love an easy going, slice of life series!

I love the simplicity of Lucky Star as well as the bonds that the friends have. The anime is full of humor and references to other games, anime and manga. I like to go back and re-watch Lucky Star every year or so after I’ve seen and read more and can catch other references.

Izumi Konata reminds me so much of myself. I ALWAYS put off studying and homework (don’t do that).

Lucky Star is just a super fun and easy to relate to anime in my opinion. There’s so much basic life randomness to it.

What’s an anime you can watch over and over?

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Waifu Wednesday – Izumi Konata

Hi, hi! Welcome to another Waifu Wednesday! Today’s waifu is Izumi Konata from Lucky Star!

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Not only do I really enjoy the series, I adore the theme song as well!


Splatoon crossover! Yay! Source
I don’t know if this is a loving gesture or a prank… X.X Source
Kawaii! ^_^ Source
Can relate


My favorite, Maid Konata <3
Konata x Shimakaze

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