Favorite Goofy Character

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 21 of the Anime Challenge! Today’s topic is: Favorite Goofy Character!

There are lots of simple, comedic or even dramatic anime that have goofy characters. My favorite, though, comes from a more serious anime. It’s a slice of life anime that’s pretty simple but has it’s sad moments as well.

My favorite goofy character has to be Ibuki Fuko from Clannad.

Fuko has a pretty depressing back story. Despite this though, she remains cheerful and happy. She’s a bit ditsy which makes her super fun and silly though.

I can relate to Fuko on a certain level too. Her love for starfish is on par with my love for maids. Wait, did someone say maids?

Fuko’s theme also helps bring to life her personality and humor.

Seriously, though, how could anyone resist a cute ‘magical’ starfish girl who does the ‘Thriller’ dance and refers to herself in third person?!

Fuko may be a silly or goofy character in my opinion but that doesn’t stop her from being a great friend as well. She is generous and does her best to make the people she loves most happy.

Now that I’m thinking back on it, I can’t think of a character in Clannad that I don’t like! I’ve written about Furukawa Nagisa, Fujibayashi Kyou, and Furukawa Akio. My first tattoo was even a Clannad one!

Which anime character is your favorite ‘goofy’ character? Let me know here or on facebook!

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Waifu Wednesday – Furukawa Nagisa

Hi, hi! Welcome to another Waifu Wednesday! Today’s waifu is Furukawa Nagisa from the visual novel and anime Clannad.

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Okay, I loved all the characters in Clannad but what I love most about Nagisa is the fact that she’s plain, which is kind of rare in anime. She doesn’t have strange colored hair, nor is it some odd hair style, her intelligence in school is average, she’s not super popular. She reminds me a lot of myself in high school actually.

It was actually because of this that when I chose to get my first tattoo it was of Nagisa. Not because she was my favorite character exactly, but because she is simple and it was a great way to also show my love for the anime art style over all.

This is a really old photo, right after I got it but I still really love it 🙂


“Anpan” Source


If I ever cosplayed Nagisa, I’d want to cosplay her in this outfit =^.^= Source

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