Persona5 The Animation- THE DAY BREAKERS- Episode 0

When I first saw that there would be a Persona 5 animation released before the game, I stayed away from it, fearing spoilers. I later read that it would contain no story line spoilers for the game at all.

—————————————————Spoilers for the animation ahead——————————————-

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I really enjoyed Persona 4 Golden and I’m still working my way through Persona 3 Portable but I’m enjoying it so I’ve already pre-ordered my ‘Take Your Heart’ Premium edition of Persona 5.

My very first impression of this was disappointment. I say this because it seems as though the protagonist and his team already have their Personas (I don’t know if it will cover how they come to get their Personas in the game or not). To me, I really don’t want to play a game that just jumps right in without backstory of any kind.


 Is there a Death Note somewhere? Light, is that you?!


The episode then goes on to show our protagonist and his friends discussing a cry for help that they had received. It had come from a boy who said his older brother was domestically abusing him.



The antagonist, Kazuya Makigami also called Makki, finds these messages in places that he and his group are robbing. He and his friends have a security system business and when someone either chooses a cheap security system or they find a lead of a place that has no security system, they break in.

The protagonist and his group, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, then conjure up a plan to trick the thieves into thinking they’ve been found out. They use the protagonists place of work, speak of it loudly in a restaurant where one of the thieves works, saying that this guy doesn’t really keep his building secure and has loads of cash stored there.

Once the intruders are inside, Morgana, a talking cat like creature with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, jumps out and howls loudly, giving the Phantom Thieves the signal to set off the alarm. This confirms that the intruders are indeed the thieves they were looking for.


Suddenly we find our Phantom Thieves and Makigami’s shadow in an alternate world, something similar to the shadow world, which is called Mementos, though that isn’t mentioned in the episode. It also seems as though this world is entered via a mobile phone app.


We then find our protagonists calling forth their Personas to defeat Makigami’s shadow.


I absolutely love the animation that happens when they tag another team member to jump into the fight. The battle music is still super fantastic as well!



After defeating the shadow, we then see Makigami dealing with his true heart and morality. Shouting out apologizes to his brother and confessing his and his teams crimes in public. After seeing the crooks get arrested, we come to the Velvet Room.


We then hear Igor explain the concept of the Velvet Room. He then mentions that the protagonist, in prison garb, handcuffs and chains within a jail cell, was just given a glimpse of the future which is a possibility of what could happen depending on how the choices the protagonist will make.

We then hear, “Let me ask you again, prisoner. What is your name?” Which I can assume will be a direct lead into the game and also gives me hope that we will get to see how each of the characters comes to find their Personas.

All in all, I don’t have super high expectations for this game because it’s not like Persona 4 which is the style I preferred story line wise, but I do think it will be a good game and I’m excited to be able to go pick it up in April (pls no more delays ;~;)

Did you guys watch the animation? What did you think of it? Are you picking up the game when it comes out? Let me know here or on facebook! Thanks for reading!

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