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In Real Life

In Real Life is a graphic novel by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang. I decided to pick this book up after seeing it in the local comic shop. This graphic novel takes an interesting spin on MMORPGs, how to be kind to others, and economics.

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In this 616Ubdqmn3L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_graphic novel, Anda, who is a young girl into gaming, is introduced to an MMO called “Coarsegold Online” and recruited into an all female guild whose goal is to attack the gold farmers in the game. When battling, Anda’s character is hit and she chases down the character who hit her, after almost being KO’d but then saved by a gold farmer, Anda befriends the gold farmer, Raymond.

Anda later learns that Raymond’s gold farming is what he does to make a living in the real world. Living in China with no healthcare, gold farming on an MMORPG makes him slightly more money and is safer than working in a dangerous factory and making almost nothing. This causes Anda to become curious as to how she can help her friend who lives so far away and is sick with no health care and has to work so many hours just to help his family survive.

This graphic novel is short but tells a beautiful story of friendships online, bravery, and courage while still teaching and making readers curious about global politics and economics.

The art is simplistic, yet beautiful. Because the art isn’t extremely complex, it allows the reader to still indulge into the story but have visuals for how the artists envisioned their characters.

To be honest, I thought that this graphic novel was going to be about feminism and I almost shied away from reading it due to that, but when I dove in I realized that it isn’t nearly as much about feminism as some of the reviews I read imply, as it is about true friendship and compassion. It is a beautiful story and if you are into politics, economics, MMOs or even just have made friends from other countries online, I would highly recommend In Real Life to you.

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The Wind Rises

“Kaze Tachinu poster” by http://kazetachinu.jp/ . Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kaze_Tachinu_poster.jpg#/media/File:Kaze_Tachinu_poster.jpg

****Spoilers Ahead****

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My love of anime started with Sailor Moon, but shortly after that I discovered Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. My first Ghibli film was Kiki’s Delivery Service but I quickly expanded and watched whatever I could find. I have yet to see all of these works and am slowly enjoying them, I was able to recently sit down and watch The Wind Rises.

As I remember Miyazaki’s works, I always think of something sort of supernatural or magical. For instance, in Kiki’s Delivery Service there are witches, in Howl’s Moving Castle there are wizards, spells, portals and all sorts of magical instances, etc. I also remember that in every Miyazaki film that I had seen prior to The Wind Rises, the main protagonist was always a female. So, when I sat down to watch this movie I was shocked to learn that the main protagonist was instead, a male. It was a nice change for sure.

The Wind Rises really captivated me with its non-magical story about Jiro Horikoshi, a young boy who dreamed of becoming an aeronautical engineer after realizing that his eyesight would prevent him from becoming a pilot and being encouraged by Caproni in a dream. 

This movie is set during the years after World War I and up into World War II. Jiro, on his way to university, is traveling via train when the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 strikes. There he meets a young girl named Naoko and her maid and provides aid when the maid has broken her leg. After providing aid, Jiro quickly leaves without giving the two his name.

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Welcome to Doki-Doki Otaku

Welcome to Doki-Doki Otaku! Here you will find reviews of anime, graphic novels, books and video/mobile games from me as well as play throughs for video games and possibly episode by episode updates of anime as I watch them!

I decided to start up this blog so that I could share my opinions on certain things with the world. I am by no means a professional writer or blogger. This is solely for fun.

First, though, a little about myself. I am a stay at home mother to one. (Anime mom, weird right?) I have been enjoying anime almost my entire life, starting with Sailor Moon (that original English dub that everyone thought was terrible!) and quickly branching out to things like the Tenchi series and Miyazaki’s movies. My favorite anime genres are harem and slice of life but that does not mean that I limit myself to only these genres. I can’t really say that I have one specific favorite anime but some of my favorites include: Clannad, Lucky Star, Toradora, and Death Note.

My video game playing days came shortly before my anime watching days, however, and I started off with Super Mario World on the SNES. I prefer JRPGs and RPGs but I play other games as well. My favorite games include Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VIII, Super Mario World and Harvest Moon 64. More recently though, I’ve been playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Destiny and Splatoon.

As for manga, I didn’t start reading manga until later on in high school, probably halfway through my junior year. The reason for this is that it was not readily available to me. However, I was lucky enough to have a few friends who let me borrow volumes of manga that they owned. Now I own several boxes full of manga myself.

I hope that you will enjoy my posts as much as I will enjoy creating them!
And remember, everyone has a little otaku in them!