Persona5 The Animation- THE DAY BREAKERS- Episode 0

When I first saw that there would be a Persona 5 animation released before the game, I stayed away from it, fearing spoilers. I later read that it would contain no story line spoilers for the game at all.

—————————————————Spoilers for the animation ahead——————————————-

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Nintendo Switch!

So, last night we got a release date for the Nintendo Switch (March 3rd 2017), a price ($299.99USD not bundled with games), explanations on how the system works and GAMES!

Out of everything I saw last night I can’t think of anything that I saw that warranted a meh reaction from me. It all looked so fantastic!

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Let me start off with the small stuff. While, I enjoy a good rpg, I also enjoy simplistic games. I won’t lie, I loved Wii Sports. So when I saw the demonstration for 1-2 Switch I thought it looked pretty awesome. Party games are always fun, even if they are super cheesy!

And come on, Arms looks insanely fun as well! I honestly think it’d be a good thing to play to vent out frustrations from a stressful school or work week! ^_^ It’s probably not something I’ll play all of the time but I do think it will be a good game to get to learn how the controls for the Joy-Con.

This one. When I saw this one I thought it looked so amazing. I was surprised by the environment they used and the mechanics of the game seemed a bit nostalgic. Super Mario Odyssey!

Okay, this one I’m slightly disappointed in but only because of the title choice. Splatoon 2! I’m excited for the game, don’t get me wrong but come on, Spla2oon or Spla2n would have been more fun. I was also hoping for playable Octolings 🙁 but maybe it will be there and just wasn’t shown! Who knows!

Also, what’s with only Marie being seen? :O Where’d Callie go!?

There was, of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game looks phenomenal! The art work is what caught me the most though. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and that story looks damn feelsy too! I’m glad that one is coming out at launch to keep me busy until other games come out!

Okay, for this one, I’m going to be completely honest. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I was going to post that it’s cool, but I’m not a huge Mario Kart fan because I’m not good at it, but I hadn’t seen the video until just now and guys….IT HAS SQUID KIDS! My hype for this game just went off the charts!

I think my next biggest hypes though are, I Am Setsuna for the switch, the new Shin Megami Tensei project, and Fire Emblem Warriors.

Some other games announced include:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (I need to play the first D:)

Sonic Mania

Super Bomberman R

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Skyrim was also announced for the switch which will be a fun experience I think! Which games are you most excited for? Which switch will you get? The base colored or the one with the neon Joy-Con’s?

Video Game Bullying

There is something I want to talk about in the world of gaming. I covered this more-so in the anime world but it happens in gaming as well: bullying.

I know this is going to sound like whining to hardcore gamers but what I have to say I feel is important for those who enjoy gaming but cannot waste their entire time leveling all of their jobs and classes to max level and for those who really want to play RPGs for the story.

There are a few examples I have that I
want to tell you about before I get started.

One night some of my friends and I decided to run a dungeon needed to proceed in the story quests in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Now, most dungeons up to this point were 4 people so it was very easy for some of us to get together and knock those ones out. However, this particular dungeon called for 8 people. Due to real life situations like jobs and school as well as time zones, we could not get a total of 8 of us online at one time so to progress in the story we were required to run the dungeon with a few people we didn’t know.


When you run a dungeon and at least one person has never run that dungeon before, it alerts the entire party that there are people in the group that have not run the dungeon, which means that they have cut scenes to watch to be able to follow the story.

If I remember correctly, we had also informed some of the players of that and stated politely that we would like to watch them. We were told to skip the cut scenes and watch them later as they rushed on without us. They went so far ahead of us that when we finally finished the cut scenes they were already battling the dungeon bosses and we were no longer able to enter the area in which the fight was happening.

We were still credited with completion of the dungeon, but it seemed extremely hurtful and rude that these people couldn’t take a few minutes to wait for us to complete the cut scenes.

When the last fight was over, we were greeted with messages like, “Eww, 20 min run,” indicating that they were disgusted with the fact that it took us a whole 20 minutes to complete the dungeon when we were given, I can’t remember if it’s 60, 80, or 90 minutes to complete it.

Also, this happened not once, but twice in the same dungeon and we also informed the players the second time around that we would like to watch the cut scenes.

The second time around, we only had 2 people that were strangers to us and when they rushed into the boss fight, they were not strong enough to complete it so we were forced to exit the dungeon and some of our group were penalized with not being able to re-enter the dungeon to try again for 30 minutes or so. This person decided to defend themselves by saying if we had asked to watch the cut scenes, they wouldn’t have done that. The problem is, we had asked.

The next instance was when I decided to try doing trials, or basically just boss fights, without going through an entire dungeon, while my friends couldn’t be online.

I died several times and was mocked because my health was lower than other players. I do not spend my time earning digital in game money so I can have the best of the best armor. I play for the fun of it and my armor has never caused me any issues before, even in higher level dungeons.

The next issue in this trial was that one player told me to pull the monster off of him by luring it to myself. I tried to do this several times, but then he would attack it again, causing it to go after him before he could be healed. He then found it appropriate to start screaming at me in the chat about it and shortly after, I was just kicked from the party.

The problem is, some people don’t know all of the right combinations, or how others prefer to play. It doesn’t take very long to speak in the chat and work everything out before heading right into battle.

More recently, I’ve been playing Overwatch and some days, the players are so disrespectful and salty that I just have to turn the game off. I don’t know how many times I’ve had gold damage and eliminations, or really high healing and I’ve still been cussed out, called names and yelled at. It’s just not necessary. It goes back to the saying you learn when you’re young, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” These people hurt the team more by wasting the time to type up insults or to hold down the voice chat key to scream into the mic.

I have had very good experiences as well, so not all players are like this. However, to the ones that are, do you realize that you are bullying those of us who can’t spend all of our time in game? Those of us who don’t have a huge memory and cannot memorize all of the moves for every class? Those of us who may have a child sitting in our lap?

A gamer can be anyone. I’ve seen very young gamers, I’ve seen very old gamers, I’ve seen single gamers, dating gamers, married gamers. I’m married and have a 4 year old at home and I enjoy playing games. But when I am treated like that it makes me so sad to think that someone out there has to bully me because they don’t know how to take a moment to properly communicate in a nice way.

All I am asking is that the next time you game with random players, take the time, say hello, ask how they are, and discuss your battle plan. The person you are playing with may be coming back from a hiatus and may have forgotten some of the controls or moves, they may not know them all, they may have a baby running around or may need to step away for a moment to take care of that child.

Just because they have a life doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to sit down and enjoy themselves as well. So please be kind when gaming. It may seem competitive, but it will not affect your life to have your character die and need to be resurrected, only your pride.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Character I Would Most Like To Be

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 5 of the Video Game challenge posts!
Today’s challenge is ‘What character are you most like (or wish you were)?

Honestly, I cannot think of a single video game character that I am most like (I can name plenty of anime characters though!), so I decided to opt for which character I would most like to be like.

This is going to sound super silly, but in all honesty, I think the character I would most want to be like is Popuri from Harvest Moon 64.


Harvest Moon 64 is a farming simulation game developed by Victor Interactive Software and published by Natsume.

This is another game I grew up on and could play over and over again. I love the simplicity of it yet the challenges it brings forth.

In Harvest Moon 64 you play a male protagonist who moves to a small village to take over his late grandfather’s farm. You build relationships with the people and make friends, build and run your farm by raising crops and animals, and expand your home. You can win over one of the 5 girls, Ellie, Maria, Ann, Karen or Popuri, marry her and have a child.


I have two favorite girls in this game: Karen and Popuri. However, as much as I like Karen, if I had to pick a character that I wanted to be more, it would be Popuri.

She is much more soft spoken, loving, has a great relationship with her parents, is a bit less tsundere, and reminds me a lot of my favorite character, Bernadette, from The Big Bang Theory.


There are many other things I love about Popuri that would make me want to be more like her as well such as, her pink hair, her elegance, her dress, and her love of nature. And most importantly, her pouty face!


What I would enjoy the most is just the simple, quiet life, not being distracted by so many other things and being able to enjoy a peaceful environment.

It’s an older game but it’s worth the play if you enjoy a simple farming simulation game. I actually find it quite relaxing.


Which character are you most like? Or would most want to be like? And if you’ve played Harvest Moon 64 before, who is your ideal girl? Let me know in the comments right here or on my facebook page which you can find by clicking the icon below!


11/11 Happy Pocky Day!

Hi, hi! November 11th is Pocky day! Here are some artworks of anime characters and pocky (and playing the pocky game :3 ). Don’t forget to share some pocky with your friends or loved ones to celebrate! ^_^

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My Guilty Pleasure Game

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 4 of my video game challenge posts! Today’s post is about ‘my guilty pleasure game’!

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One of my guilty pleasure games that I really enjoy playing when I’m stressed to help me calm down is Katamari Forever for Playstation 3 developed and published by Namco Bandai Games.

To be honest, when I first saw this game being played, I thought it was the absolute dumbest thing ever, but when I finally sat down to play it myself, I found that I really enjoyed it!

Note: Katamari means mass or cluster.

The goal of the game in each stage is to roll up junk, food, people, plants, animals, you name it with your Katamari to be used to create a new star. That’s basically it. However, certain stages have harder goals, like telling you that it has to be so many meters large, or that you have to be large enough to roll up a specific item.


Aside from rolling around and collecting everything I find the music to be amazing.


In all honesty, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this game other than it’s a great stress reliever and the music is fantastic. There is a story to it and it’s quite a funny one, so I highly recommend it if you get a chance to play it. ^_^



Twintail Tuesday

Hi, hi! Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d do a Twintail post today ^_^

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Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 (such hype!) and Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4
Rize Tedeza from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka? Source
Aww! I love her hair clips! Source
She sort of reminds me of Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa. Source
I might buy this one myself :3 Hatsune Miku – Project Diva – Arcade Future Tone: Hatsune Miku Christmas Version

A Game That is Underrated

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 3 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is to write about ‘an underrated video game’.

There are a lot of games I felt could be great for this topic but some of them had longer stories to them that I felt I would need more time to write about so I finally settled on another SNES game, ActRaiser.

ActRaiser is a side scrolling plat former and also a simulator, some say a city simulator but I think village simulator is more accurate. It was developed by Quintet and Published by Enix.


The story is about the ‘Master’, who is essentially a god who had lost all of his powers because while he was recovering from a fight he lost, so people stopped believing in him.

The ‘Master’ gives the player a statue to control and to defeat several enemies with and then the player helps builds villages as an angel which help to regain the ‘Master’s’ powers and more people start to believe again by communicating with him through prayer.

On top of directing the villages on how to be built, the player as the angel will also have to defeat enemies and direct the citizens to seal the monsters layers so that the villagers are safe again. These enemies can do many things to destroy the houses and crops you’ve already built such as cause earthquakes, steal the villagers and burn homes and crops among other ‘acts of god’.


After all of the areas have been cleared, the player then travels to Death Helm in which you will need to defeat all of the previous bosses as well as the final boss, Tanzra, which previously defeated the ‘Master’.


Once this has been accomplished, the angel will visit the villages again and see that no one is worshiping in the churches anymore and they realize that they are no longer needed at the time because the people feel safe and they return to the sky palace and await a time that they will be welcome and needed again.


I grew up playing this game and I have played it several times, however, I do not know of many others that have played it and I haven’t heard a whole lot about it.

A sequel was published later and I’ve played a bit of that too. It’s a fairly short game so if you are into older games and haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it. It is available on the Wii virtual console as well as the SNES cartridge.

Thanks for reading! If you’ve missed the other two posts I’ve done for this challenge so far you can find them below! Also, feel free to check out my facebook page as well! ^_^


Favorite Video Game Character

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 2 of my video game challenge! I know that sounds kinda funny to call it, it makes it sound more like I’m playing a different game every day, but it’s actually a different gaming related question every day.

Today’s topic is ‘favorite character’. Now this one is tough because I can find reasons to like many, many characters. This would probably have been a bit easier for me if it had narrowed it down to a console or genre >.< But it did not so…

I’ve played a wide variety of games and I’ve seen so many different and similar characters. This makes it really hard to narrow it down because in so many games you get to see a character grow and learn so much. Seriously, I intended to have this posted by about noon and it’s 9:54 PM because I spent all day trying to decide which character to write about >.<

I also don’t do so great at picking absolute favorites. Every time I post a top 10 list, I always add ‘in no particular order’. So what I will do for this post is just share one character that is among my list of many favorites.


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