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I was recently contacted by GameSir and asked to review the GAMESIR-G3s Game pad. This controller is designed to be compatible with PC, Android, iOS, Smart TVs/TV Boxes, and the Playstation 3. It can be used using a cable or wirelessly.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in return for an unbiased review. This post may also contain affiliate links. You can find my full disclosure policy here.

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The box includes the controller itself, a charging cable, a two sided micro USB cable for connecting to mobile, a wireless connector, warranty information and instructions for how to connect it to each device.


I tested this controller on PC, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Playstation 3.

I immediately tested the GameSir-G3s on my PC, after charging it, using Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with the Heavensward expansion.

My PC runs:
OS: Windows 10 Beta
Processor: Intel Core i7 870
Memory (RAM): 16 GB DDR3
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
Storage: 2TB
Sound Card: Integrated Motherboard-Asus

At first, this controller worked really well and the only issue that I had with it was that it’s a little too long for my hands which made it hard for me to reach the center buttons such as ‘home’, ‘start’, ‘select’, ‘clear’ and ‘turbo’.

However, it was so much lighter than the Xbox One controller that I typically use.

Note: I did make sure the game pad was fully charged each time before use.

After using it with Final Fantasy XIV: ARR for about 15 minutes wirelessly, it stopped working and I had to manually exit the game. I wasn’t too discouraged at first.

I thought ‘Maybe there is just some interference between the controller and the wireless connector.’ 

I grabbed the USB cable for it and plugged it in. Again, I had about the same results, but this time with a bit of stopping for a second or two every now and again.

This time I decided to record my results to show exactly what was happening and you can view it below:

You can catch the sudden stop for a second here.
You can catch just when it turns off and I have to use my mouse to finish the FATE here.

‘Okay,’ I thought. ‘Maybe it’s just not very compatible with FFXIV: ARR or any MMO’s. I’ll try another game.’ I then searched my Steam library for a game I thought would be a good game to test it out on. First, I tried Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. No go. Then, I tired Left 4 Dead 2. Nope.

3rd time’s a charm, right?

I gave Bastion a go, again with the wireless device. It worked extremely well, even if my game play wasn’t so great. That is until I hit about 11-12 minutes in. There it was again. It just stopped working. There weren’t any pauses causing my character to stop like my FFXIV: ARR game plays though.

It just brought up the pause menu on it’s own and wouldn’t let me move any further using the controller. It also would not let me reconnect the controller.

When it stops each time like this, the controller’s lights start flashing like it’s trying to connect to something, even though it had already been connected and had seemed to have been working perfectly fine.

Luckily, I had planned ahead and recorded this one as well in case there was another game play issue so I could again catch what exactly happened in game when the game pad disconnected. You can view it below:

The issue, though, starts right about here.

‘Alright…maybe my PC doesn’t like it!’ I thought to myself, trying to give it the benefit of the doubt and remain positive. Next up was the PS3 with the wireless connector. I had the perfect game in mind for this one: Katamari Forever!

I sat down for about a good 45 minutes trying to get past the campfire stage (I’ve beaten the game before but on an older PS3 and now I’m rusty X_X ).

I had no lag, no sudden stopping for mere seconds at a time, no issues whatsoever. I thought it was going great until I was about to beat the stage and then it went off on it’s own again and wouldn’t respond to any movements or buttons being pressed.

I tried connecting it via USB and re-configuring it again according to the proper commands but I got nothing. Sadly, I couldn’t record my PS3 game play as I don’t have the proper recording device at this time, but the same issue occurred in this game as with the others that have videos above.

Now I was getting a little bummed because I was really, really enjoying how lightweight it was. The only other option I had was to try connecting it to my Samsung Galaxy S6. That was a quick and easy no. It would not connect via blue tooth at all, nor would it recognize the controller being plugged in via the dual sided micro USB.

I think this controller has great potential for sure. The games that it did actually work with, it worked very well for the most part and as I previously mentioned, it is very lightweight. It also has a bit more texture to it than the XBox One controller so it doesn’t slip as easily when I’m holding it.

I think this controller could use some improvement in the way of connectivity and compatibility.

This controller would probably be something I would use very often if the connectivity issues could be addressed in some way. One of the worst things that can happen in the gaming world is a controller disconnecting or dying in the middle of a fight.

I would use it for sure with mobile gaming if it were compatible with my device. There are many mobile RPGs out there that I would enjoy playing but I have a difficult time holding my phone up and tapping over and over again. Also, it would be great if it worked with more games. I would love to have used it for Hyperdimension Neptunia;Rebirth 1.

Thanks again to GameSir for allowing me to review this controller!

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