Flip Flappers

Kokomine Cocona is just an ordinary school girl trying to decide what school she should go to and what career path to take in life.

While contemplating this, she stumbles upon what looks like a storage area. While going over her options she is found by Papika, a wide-eyed, spirited girl who is looking for a compatible partner to join her on her adventures.

“Lets go!” Exclaims Papika. They are then dragged into Pure Illusion.

Pure Illusion is an alternate world where it seems that anything can happen.

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After stumbling into Pure Illusion the first time by Papika, Cocona then becomes part of an organization known as ‘Flip Flap’. The organization’s goal is to collect Amorphous fragments which are said to grant a persons wish once enough have been collected. ¬†Little did they know at the start, there was another organization that they would be competing with in Pure Illusion in order to gain these fragments.

When confronted with danger, Cocona and Papika are able to use these shards to transform into magical girls with the help of their magical words ‘Flip Flapping’. One of my favorite things about their transformation is the hair color swap. It absolutely shows the strength of the bonds between these two.

Flip Flappers quickly becomes an anime about building trust, friendships, learning to rely on oneself.

Throughout the anime, Cocona seems to trust Papika at times but at other times seems as though she wants nothing to do with Papika or Flip Flap.

Flip Flappers has some humor as well as heartbreak. You get to follow Cocona as she learns how to trust others as well as herself and as she grows, but also as she experiences betrayal that she never could have imagined.

It’s a very brightly colored anime for the most part but whats fantastic about it is that each episode and each world within Pure Illusion has it’s own style as well as coloring. Each episode quickly becomes a fascinating story and it never gets tiring because the art styles and coloring as well as the attitudes of the characters is constantly changing.

If you want a short anime about friendship and all the feels, I highly recommend Flip Flappers! It might be a bit confusing as things change within each world but I promise it’s worth watching in the end!


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