My Hero Academia

All Izuku Midoriya wanted in life was to have a quirk like everyone else. He wanted to be a great hero like his idol, All Might.

In a world where about 80% people have a unique ability called a ‘quirk’, you’re a bit of an outcast to be without one. Izuku was one of those outcasts.

However, despite being bullied, Young Midoriya kept his head held high and still dreamed of being a hero one day. He spent his time studying and analyzing the abilities that both heroes and villains had.

Even though he envied his friends for having quirks and was bullied a lot, he still looked up to one of them: Bakugo Katsuki.

Bakugo, or Kaa-chan as Midoriya calls him, was always a very angry child.

Even still, Midoriya looked up to him because of his ability to handle his quirk and his charisma. Bakugo always wanted to be first so he was always the first to jump into a leadership role (though not in the best way) and take on trouble.

One day Bakugo gets captured by a villain that his quirk does nothing against. Even though Midoriya didn’t have a quirk, he couldn’t just stand by and watch his friend get hurt. He jumps right into the fight.

Dream hero to both Midoriya and Katsuki, and number one hero, All Might quickly rushes in to save the day.

After some discussion between Midoriya and All Might, it’s revealed that All Might can transfer his quirk, One for All, to other people. All Might offers this to a quirk-less Midoriya stating that he believes Midoriya to be a worthy successor.

After vigorous physical as well as mental training, All Might feels as though Midoriya is now ready to inherit his quirk.

Midoriya accepts this responsibility, inherits One for All and continues his journey by applying to his dream school: UA.

After seeming to have failed the practical portion of his entrance exam, Midoriya manages to gain acceptance into UA. This is due to Midoriya using his quirk to save the life of Uraraka Ochaco and Uraraka going to the judges to ask if she could split her points with him.

From there begins an even more difficult journey for Deku. He must learn to deal with school life, how to properly become an hero and how to harness the incredible power that is within himself.

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While this series seems to be focused on Izuku Midoriya, there is so much development that is seen in other characters as well. That has been one of my favorite things about My Hero Academia so far. Just within 3 seasons, we have seen so many back stories, so many reasons for wanting to be heroes, compromises, learning to work together and growth from many characters.

I’ll be completely honest. I mentioned this in a previous post as well, I did not like My Hero Academia at all during the first few episodes. I pushed through it though and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My Hero Academia is full of sad moments, funny scenes, intense and frustrating scenes, and all out wholesome scenes.

I think one of the main reasons I really began to enjoy this anime is because it reminds me of my favorite Marvel hero: Iron Man. Iron Man has always been my favorite because you have to watch him struggle to get somewhere. Iron Man doesn’t just get injected with something and suddenly become strong. He gets hurt, beat up, fails at times yet he keeps trying to learn from his mistakes.

Midoriya is very similar. He starts out being a weak and whiny child but then he sees a goal and works toward it. You watch him build up his weak vessel of a body so that it can handle One for All. He sweats, stresses and struggles. Most importantly though, you really seem him face this once he actually has One for All and is still learning to harness it’s true power.

One for All wreaks havoc on young Midoriya’s body until he learns exactly how to turn on it’s limits. He breaks bone after bone in his body and has to endure the pain. That to me is a sign of a true hero. You can see their mortality in a sense.

Even if you’re not a fan of the super hero genre, I highly recommend that you give My Hero Academia a good chance. There is so much growth seen. So many episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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I’m super hyped for this game!

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Waifu Wednesday – Karasuma Chitose

Hi, hi! Welcome to Waifu Wednesday! Today’s waifu is Karasuma Chitose!

I’m a sucker for slice of life and comedy anime. I enjoy many other types but when I just want to unwind or when I’m trying to multitask it’s nice to have something simple that I can turn on. Girlish Number is one that I’ve been watching recently.

Typically, I see slice of life as school kids, but it is so nice to find something that’s actually about the anime industry itself.

Karasuma Chitose is a voice actress within the anime industry. The anime however, shows the voice acting side, the business side and the consumer side of the industry.

However, the reason that Chitose is waifu material in my eyes is she has the perfect reaction faces. I’ve got 2 folders on my PC solely for the moments in which I need the perfect reaction and emoji just can’t do it.

I feel she also embodies most people in the way that she will react in the appropriate manner in front of the right people but when she turns her head or is alone she quickly gives the responses that most of us really feel in uncomfortable situations or situations we don’t agree with.


This one’s probably my favorite! Source
I <3 her in glasses Source
This style is too cute!! Source
That face though xD Source

Have you seen Girlish Number? Let me know here, on facebook, or discord! If you’ve seen it, did you enjoy it? If not, is it on your ‘to watch’ list?

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Waifu Wednesday – Futaba Sakura

Hi, hi! Welcome to another ‘Waifu Wednesday’!! Today’s waifu is Futaba Sakura from Persona 5!

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I finished Persona 5 about a month or two ago and my original love interest of the game was Niijima Makoto but after I had Futaba join my group and I started learning more about her I quickly changed gears.

Futaba is super cute and super witty and I just love her so much! I love that I can relate to her and her love of video games and her love of figures too!

I seriously cannot wait to get this figure! You can also use this code to get 5% off if you pre-order hereMOE-WQR-AX1U27

Futaba’s Metaverse outfit Source
My favorite <3 Source
Me playing games tbh Source

My other favorite xD Source


So pretty <3 Source
Coffee, anyone? Source

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Waifu Wednesday – Megurine Luka

Hi, hi! Welcome again to Waifu Wednesday!! Today’s waifu is Megurine Luka!

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Let me start off by saying again, yes, I know Vocaloids are not anime characters so please just remember that my blog is about a variety of things.

I find it extremely interesting how the Vocaloid program has brought out so many visual artists as well as musical artists. What’s even more fascinating to me is that each character seems to have built up their own identity based upon how the artists viewed them.

For example, you will often see videos of a romantic relationship between Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku, or another one that I’ve noticed is that a lot of the songs made for Kagamine Rin seem to be dark. There are plenty of light hearted ones as well but from what I’ve seen her personality has been made to be a bit dark, even within the Project Diva games.

I’ve listened to a wide variety of Vocaloid characters and I can say without a doubt that Megurine Luka is my absolute favorite. Her voice seems to appeal to me a bit more as does her style. I also enjoy the fact that she is a bilingual vocaloid so I can enjoy some of her songs in my native language, English.

I’ve also found Vocaloid videos to be extremely useful in my Japanese studies for learning Hiragana and Katakana as most Vocaloid videos will have the lyrics written in Japanese so as you learn the characters you can start to follow along.

For this post I will post a few pictures and a few of my favorite Megurine Luka songs as well!

More info on Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ) 

Toeto – Megurine Luka – Vocaloid – English Subs


【Megurine Luka】 Lie


secret – Japanese & Chinese Sub – Megurine Luka – sm11401862


Go Google It with English Sub – Megurine Luka & Gakupo – ggrks ググれカス – HQ


Luka Megurine – Just Be Friends


This song has a second part as well called ‘Answer’

[Megurine Luka] Answer [English Subs]


【Luka Megurine V4X】 KuroNeko (黒猫) 【Vocaloid Cover】

I have plenty of other favorite songs but these are just a few of my favorites. These are the one’s I listen to the most for sure. I hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know who your favorite Vocaloid is either here or on my facebook page!

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Waifu Wednesday – Aisaka Taiga

I used to absolutely hate the tsundere type. Every time I watched an anime with a girl that was tsundere they were always a side character (Yes, I know there are plenty with Tsun MC’s but I hadn’t seen them at that point). Being a side character, you don’t get to see that other sweet side of them. When I watched Toradora my opinion of the tsundere type changed completely.

Definition of Tsundere

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Taiga Aisaka, also known as the palmtop tiger, is short and full of rage if the wrong thing is said to her. Her fuse is extremely short. I noticed a lot of similarities between Taiga and myself and I think that is part of what made me grow to like her so much. I think that’s another reason I find her to be such a fun and interesting character. However, she is also super sweet and loving to the people closest to her.

Toradora is a fantastic slice of life anime about friendship and love. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It is both dubbed and subbed and the dubbed version was done extremely well in my opinion.

The sweet, sleeping tiger Source
I love her hair in buns like this :3 Source
Tsun in glasses, anyone? Source
I wonder what made her blush Source
Palmtop Tiger Source
Christmas Taiga Source
Winter Taiga Source
I love crossovers! Aisaka Taiga x Hatsune Miku Source

Waifu Wednesday – Amagi Yukiko

Generally, when people think of ‘waifus’ they automatically think about anime, however, I feel that they could be from video games as well, especially the JRPG style ones. Today, my post is about my favorite character from the Persona 4 series, Yukiko Amagi- 天城 雪子.

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Yukiko Amagi is a character in the Persona 4 series who is the daughter of the owners of a famous inn (ryokan) in the fictional town (Inaba) that Persona 4 is set in. She is the next in line to run the inn even though she isn’t sure that she wants that sort of responsibility.

She is known in the game for her terrible cooking. She is very quiet but blunt when she speaks. She is also has a habit of finding humor in difficult situations helping the rest of the Investigation Team to lighten up a bit. She is a potential love interest of the main character in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden.

She also appears in Persona 3 Portable when the characters of the game take a trip to Inaba, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Persona 4 Arena, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona 4: Dancing All Night as well as the Persona 4 animation.

Who would you consider your waifu (or husbando) from a video game to be? ^.^



Waifu Wednesday – Kamikita Komari

Hi, hi! Welcome to another Waifu Wednesday! Today, I decided to post about one of my favorite characters from Little Busters! Komari Kamikita. I adore Komari for many different reasons. She is sweet, an amazing friend, loves sweets, she’s adorable and so much more! (I even ran a Komari Kamikita page on facebook as well and I used that as an admin tag on the Key Studios Community page on facebook when I was still an admin there! If you are a fan of the works that Key does such as Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters!, Planetarian, Rewrite and Angel Beats! You should go check out those pages! ^_^)

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I won’t say too much though because I don’t want to give away too much about the series/visual novel. I will say this though, I have a list of anime characters that I feel make amazing friends to other characters and she is one of them!


Aww! Source
What an adorable costume! :3 Source
<3 Source
Maid Komari!! Source
O.O Nurse Komari <3 Source
I wonder what she is singing. Source

So sweet! Source

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Waifu Wednesday – Meiō Setsuna

The first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon. I loved it so much, and still do (even that old English dub that people hate so much). I still think the art style and the elegance of the characters is wonderfully done.

My favorite character was Usagi (Serena) for the longest time, but then I saw Meiō Setsuna (Trista). She was so mature, so elegant, so mysterious and so gorgeous.

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So adorable! Source
This one is my favorite. I received this as a gift from my secret Santa a few years ago. Go check out the artist’s facebook page here! You can also check out their webpage here!
Aww! I want one to go with my Sailor Moon one ^_^ I still have my old Sailor Scout dolls around here somewhere too OwO You can order this plushie here  Use the code MOE-WQR-AX1U27 to get 5% off as well!



I also own this. It’s super cute!

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Waifu Wednesday – Miia

Hi, hi! Welcome to another Waifu Wednesday! Today’s waifu is Miia!

Now, I haven’t actually seen or read Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls yet but I know someone who adores Miia and to be honest, I think she will probably be my favorite character as well.

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So adorable <(^_^)> Source
My favorite :3 Source
Kawaii! Source

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Waifu Wednesday – Lana

Hi, hi! Welcome to another Waifu Wednesday! Today’s waifu is Lana from Hyrule Warriors!

I think she was an adorable and fantastic addition to this game. I’d love to see her in future games as well (or just give her her own game please!)

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I need more Lana pls. She’s so adorable!

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